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Peter Lau Artist Bio

Peter Lau is a visual artist and his studio is in Richmond BC.  Immigrated to Canada in 1967 and have resided in British Columbia ever since.  Peter study watercolor painting with well known watercolor artist including Diane Maxey.  With his knowledge In photography and architecture, Peter has refining his own visual and conceptual vocabulary for his watercolor painting with a unique style.

Upcoming Events:

The following two paintings has been accepted to Federation of Canadian Artist “Artist Choice” Exhibition 2016 at: Federation Gallery
Granville Island, February 2-14, 2016.

artist choice invitation








The following Acrylic painting: Abstract Melody won a Honorable Mention in the FAC Artist’s Choice Show

Abstract Melody (Honorable Mention)
Acrylic Nov 2015 Abstract Veg 16x20








Water Lilies
Monotype Series15 02 sm

Artist Statement.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”

Peter Lau is a Canadian Artist who’s passion is painting in Acrylic, Watercolor, Monotype and Photography.  Peter admires people with a distinct and unique view of a subject. It is like a having passionate eye for everything ordinary around you.  It like to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.  It creates beauty and it calms the soul.  Peter also likes to be behind the camera.  Photography allows me to explore God’s creation be it small and large. My acrylic and watercolor paintings let me extend the limit of photography be it exposure, lighting, texture and composition just to name a few.  Peter explores the limit and learns from what he have seen others can do with their paint brush and print making,   To capture those fleeing moments in his minds eyes and record it in whatever medium he has at hand, either in pixels or pigments. he is glad that we has cross our path. Thank you for visiting and God Bless.


Recent exhibitions.

  • 2016
    • South Delta Artist Guild – Oil and Water Exhibition 2016
    • Federation of Canadian Artist – Plein Air Exhibition
    • Federation of Canadian Artist – Artist Choice Exhibition
    • Federation of Canadian Artist – Works on Paper Exhibition – Jan 2016
  • 2015 
    • Federation of Canadian Artists Active Member Show
    • Federation of Canadian Artists Muse Exhibition
    • South Delta Artists Guild – Oil and Water Exhibition 2015
    • North Shore Anonymous Art Show
    • Federation of Canadian Artists Ten Squared fundraising Exhibition
    • Richomd Grand Prix of Art
  • 2014
    • South Delta Artists Guild – Oil and Water exhibition
    • White Rock Art Exhibition
  • 2013
    • Federation of Canadian Artists Ten Squared fundraising exhibition
    • Grand Prix of Art Richmond
    • South Delta Artists Guild – Oil and Water exhibition
    • Arts Spacific host by Delta Arts CouncilArts About Finn Slough Show


  • Plympton Farm -Guyana South America – 2015
  • Pangloss Cellars – Sonoma CA USA – 2013

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  1. annie

    Hi Peter:

    You have a lot of talent in painting. I especially like the dragon fruit and the two dancers. I always wish I could paint like that. By the way, are you selling your paintings?


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