Broken Egg Shell – Daily Watercolor Painting Blog

Broken Egg Shell - 5 x 7 inches

Broken egg shell is my latest daily watercolor painting shown in my blog.  It is a small study of 5 x 7 inches watercolor on cold press paper.  I painted the whole egg shell with a water color masking fluid.  The one I use is called Pebeo Drawing Gum which is a grey removable liquid frisket for watercolor and is water soluble when wet, but dries waterproof.  The way to use it without damaging your brush is to wash your brush with soap and not rinse it but dip it in the frisket and after it is finished, wash it out immediately.  So with the masking fluid all dry, I painted the background and the shadow first.  Then the frisket is removed and the lighter part of the egg shell is painted next.  The broken egg shell is painted last with several watercolor wash and a splatter with the toothbrush.  Lots of fun on this broken egg shell watercolor study.

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