Daily Watercolor – A Green World

Dailywatercolor - A Green World

Watercolor of the close up of a green plant on 15 x 22 inches cold press watercolor paper.  Still experimenting for mixing a nice green and with the wet in wet technique trying to work with the transparency quality of the watercolor.  I will try to follow the color and shade in the close up photo I took and work my watercolor follwoing it.  Later on as I look at the painting as a whole, I will try to change areas that I think might be better to convey my feeling toward this particular scene.  I will do that by adding or subtracting the value of a certain area so as to bring out another.  The watercolor is not finsihed until this step has been done.  I like to stand up and display the watercolor and look at it for a few days before I start doing this and usually is done in small sections in a different time.

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