Daily Watercolor Painting – Landscape

Landscape Watercolor - 10 x 20 inches

I have continue with my landscape watercolor painting last night with more accomplished on the lower left corner.  I am trying to use only pure watercolor from the tube on each layer and add either the same color or another color as the layer is completely dried.  To speed up the drying time I use a blower and make sure that everything is taped down before I use it.  Many layers of different color paint has been put on individually before it is all covered up before I go on to the next area.  The final result of the watercolor painting area cannot be seen before the whole area is painted.  So you must keep in mind and remember the adjacent hue and color as well as the light and shadow of the area next to you that has been painted.  Sometimes you just need faith in the final outcome of the watercolor panting.  On the above landscape watercolor painting illustration, I think the yellow green on the bottom is too light and in time I will lower it’s intensity by adding more layer of different value.