Daily watercolor painting – Toward the Sunrise

Toward the Sunrise - Watercolor 15 x 20 inches

I have completed painting the Toward the Sunrise watercolor painting last night.  It was not as time consuming as I thought it would.  It was painted using Winsor and Newton watercolor and also Da Vinci Watercolor paints on cold press watercolor paper.  Watercolor from the tube was spatter on one layer at a time and it works for this kind of watercolor painting.  I feel that the bottom green shade of the painting should be a darker shade and should carry a darker value.  I think that needs to be changed.  The little lonley tree on the right side need to be darker as well.  I will try to correct this tonight and that should give the overall watercolor painting more contrast so that the upper part of the painting should resulted in a much more sunrise glow.  This I will try to achieve tonight.