Toward the Sunrise – Daily watercolor painting

Toward the Sunrise

Started a watercolor painting today on cold press watercolor paper.  It is a landscape watercolor painting and the subject is sunrise with the title – Toward the Sunrise.  Started by pencil drawing the design.  A small value sketch can be made in this stage as to what the values should be put in for different painting areas.   I have decided to use the same method of watercolor painting because I like the result.  This time though I am going to experiment with my watercolor wash a bit before the splattering is to be put on.  I have been doing the sky and a few clouds and mountains using straightly watercolor splattering but tomorrow and over the weekend,  I shall try using a flat or gradated wash before I put on the splattering.  I like to compare the result of the two watercolor technique and notice any difference. - Online Art Supplies

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