Watercolor painting – Dry Brush Study – Pear

Watercolor Painting - Pear

I have finished this watercolor dry brush study with much struggle.  First of all, the watercolor paint when applied to the paper surface was not as easily controlled as I thought.  Direction of the watercolor paint was easily seen and are difficult to cover or made smooth.  I tried to apply the watercolor paint in layer after layer and for some areas, it is too thick and for others, too thin that the bottom color show up.  It could be the choice of paper to use.  I have choosen to use 140 lb cold press watercolor paper for this study but I think a 300 lb hot press might be better.  Sometimes the brush was too wet that the bottom layer was disturbed.  Overall, I found that a control of the amount of water in the brush is most important and so is the weight of the paint brush on the paper. I found that this technique requires lots of patience, time and experimenting.

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