Watercolor Painting – Landscape

Landscape Watercolor Painting

This little study of landscape watercolor teaches me a lot about values and value sketch.  I should have done a value sketch before I start doing this study becasue different value is placed next to each other with the same subject matter of either grass or tree.  If the value of these side by side objects are the same, the viewer would not tell a difference between them.  Most important is light and shadow which creates a great difference in value in between them.  This by the way is a 10 x 15 watercolor study on cold press watercolor paper.

I would like also to mention two more artist supply where materials can be purchased if you are looking for artist supplies in  Canada.  They are Currys Art Stores in the east coast of Canada and Opus Framing and Art Supplies serving the west coast of Canada.  Both has excellent mail order divison where you can order your supplies on line.

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