Watercolor painting of green plant – A Green World

Watercolor painting on green plant - A Green World

I have covered the whole 15 x 22 inches cold press watercolor paper with paint but it does not mean the painting is finished.  This is just the start of the final stage of the watercolor.  Many areas  need to be painted over with watercolor wash to achieve a darker value while in other areas colors needs to be lifted in order to produce a lighter shade.  Color in certain areas need to be change as well.  Usually the next step will be to leave the painting on a display easel and examine it for a few days so that I will know which areas need to be adjust.  The painting won’t be finished until then and at that time a location for the signature will be determined.  I find it important to determine the location of the signature because it is essential for the final balance of the whole picture.

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