Watercolor Paintng Daily – “Pear to Pear” Still Life

Watercolor Painting - Pear to pear 7x10 inches

This is the final finished painting or study of pointellism using cotton swab.   It teaches me the mixing of color visually when all the colors are placed side by side to each other.  Watercolor straight from the tube is used and is only diluted by water.  I found that using previouse hardened color on the palette is better for this techinque.  It gives me a better control of how much color to apply.  The hardened watercolor color is first got several spray mist of clean water from a small water spray bottle in order to soften it a bit.  Most of the color I use in this study is from Windsor and Newton Artist watercolour.   There is a wealth of information about watercolour pigments on their site.

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