Art News – Gerhard Mantz exhibition at The gallery [DAM] Berlin

Gerhard Mantz - "Allgemeine Obereinstimmung", 2009 - Ink on canvas

The gallery [DAM]Berlin

Tucholskystr. 37

10117 Berlin

Exhibition: 27. March – 26. May 2010
Preview: Friday, 26. March, 7-9 pm
The artist will be present at the opening.
A catalogue with an introductory text of Domenico Quaranta will be released for the exhibition.

Gallery [DAM]Berlin presents a solo exhibition of Gerhard Mantz with new virtual landscapes in Black and White.
In the series, the viewer enters the Earth after a major event. Whether it has been an explosion, that has covered the forests under a perfect thin layer of ashes, or a complete freeze of nature due to cold and frost, is not defined. The places that Gerhard Mantz shows in his virtual landscapes are not real places but landscapes of the soul. The strength of the pieces lies in their alienation and their ambivalence. Due to their brightness, they seem fragile and magic. Since the series is only executed in black and white, the light contributes an important part to the composition. It can be promising but equally be the blinding light of an explosion, a harbinger of a desaster………………….. Read more from Art Knodledge News.

Gallery [DAM]Berlin – Gerhard Mantz Exhibition