Watercolor on cold press paper – “Pear to pear” 7 x 10 inches

Peter Lau - Pear to pear - Watercclor on cold press watercolor paper 7 x 10 inches

Last night I tried my first watercolor pointellism.  It is done on a 7 x 10 inches cold press watercolor paper.  The color was painted on one dot at a time using the cotton swab.  I think the dried watercolor paint is best for this technique but I shall experiment further.  The dry watercolor paint in my palette is first sprayed with mist of water from a amall water bottle that creates fine mist.  Then a cotton swab is wet with clean watercor and paint is transfer onto the swab by touching the paint.  Pure pigment is being transferred to the paper one dot at a time keeping in mind the intensity and value of each dot of watercolor paint.  I think with this techinque of not mixing paints, a variety of watercolor paint is needed in different shades and color should be on hand for the application.