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Daily watercolor painting – 3 pears – Fruit watercolor painting

Pears watercolor painting

Pears watercolor painting

This three pears is painted on 8 x 10 inches cold press watercolor paper.  The left pear was painted first and then from left to right, each pear was painted with layers of watercolor wash.  The background was painted last with several layers of Burnt Umber mixed with Winsor violet and Ultramarine blue.  It is a challenge to mix black without using black watercolor paint.  I have added some spatter with a tooth brush for the final touch on the pear watercolor painting.

Daily Watercolor Painting – Shrimp and chopsticks

Shrimp and chopstick daily watercolor painting - 7 x 10 inches

Shrimp and chopsticks is my latest daily watercolor painting.  It is on a 7 x 10 inches cold press watercolor paper.  I startated this painting doing the shrimp with several thin layer of watercolor wash on the whole shrimp.  Then I tape the outline of the shrimp to restrict watercolor paint to not be accidentally get onto other areas.  I then mixed a bright yellow orange color on my watercolor palette using Cadimum Orange and Yellow Ochre.  Then the mixture is applied and flicked on with a tooth brush.  Various areas of the shrimp is protected by paper shapes covering the area.  It is a labor intensive process and it has to be done in several applications when after each application is completely dry.  The chopstick is done second with layers of watercolor wash and eventually the darker wood lines are dry brushed on.   After that the veins of the shrimp is added with more dots of the yellow red watercolor mixture.  With the background still remaining to be painted, I have difficulty deciding what color to use because I do not want to leave it white.  I started with a light green and found that it distracts from the subject.  Then more layers was added and fiinally after many layters of watercolor wash, I ended up with this dark background.