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Landscape Watercolor Painting – Pebbles

Pebbles Watercolor - 15 x 22 inches

Finally I have finished the pebbles watercolor painting and I must say this 15 x 22 watercolor painting have been using a lot of my energy and time.  During painting this watercolor, I have learned about watercolor mixing, taping and spattering as well as most importantly, patience.  There might be areas that need further adjustments in color, shade or detail but at this point in time I think I will leave it and look at it for a while.  Then I will go back to it and probable make some changes.

Hope you like the final result.  Any comments are most welcome.

” Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

Watercolor Painting – Pebbles

Watercolor Painting - Pebbles 15 x 22 inches

More pebble painting last night.   Did about 4 hours of work on the watercolor painting and I must say it is getting easier.  I hope to finish this painting over the weekend and will post the final finished watercolor painting on my next post which will be on Monday.

” Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

WATERCOLOR TIP -What can you do with the dried tubes of watercolor paint?

Don’t throw away the dried tubes of watercolor paint .  Instead, leave the two ends of  the dried out tube of watercolor paint and cut the middle lengthwise.  Fold the metal outwards so that it will not hurt your brush and use the dried out paint like a watercolor pan.  This tip is by Mary Serrurier in the Marion Boddy-Evans Blog on Painting.  It is published in site.  Here’s the link if you want to read the article……………

Watercolor Daily Painting – Pebbles

Pebbles Watercolor Painting - 15 x22 inches

More pebble paintings last night.  Took me about two hours to do the amount I did last night.  Lots of fun but lots of concentration needed.    There are about 10 pebbles that I have painted last night and because some of them has patterns over them, it is more time consuming in doing those.  The one with the blue stripe and the one with white patches created the most challenge.  It needs to be done in several stages after each one is completely dry.  As for the one with blue strip, the entire pebble is done first and then the grey lighter area is covered with cut out tracing paper, then the darker blue watercolor mixture is put on in several layers.  For the pebble with white patches, it is entirely opposite.  The white area is covered with tissue and blue grey watercolor mixture is put on in several layers until the desire value is obtained.

” Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

Watercolor Daily Painting – Pebbles

Watercolor Painting - Pebbles 15 x 22 inches

Continue with doing more work on my 15 x 22 inches pebbles watercolor painting last night.  If you live in Western Canada (Alberta, BC) or US (Oregon, Washington), I come across a site done by Preview – The gallery Guide and is very information and interesting.  www. This is a web site done by the Preview Gallery Guide.  It has interesting articles and write ups on current art scene and art gallery exhibits.

Pebble Watercolor Painting Blog

Watercolor Painting - Pebbles 15 x 22 inches

Did more on my pebble watercolor painting last night.  I have a question about color consistency since I span my watercolor painting over several days.  If you are doing sections of watercolor with a limited palette, you can do it and span your painting over several days.  In this case of the pebble watercolor painting, each or groups of pebble can be painted separately without affecting others in the picture.  Also I am using a limited palette of four colors of various mixes.  Those colors are Cobalt Blue, French Ultramarine Blue, Windsor Green and Alizarin Crimson.  Cobalt Blue was put on first and after it is completely dry, a mixture of Ultramarine Blue and Alizarin Crimson is used and last, various mixture of French Ultramarine Blue, Windsor Green and Alizarin Crimson is applied for the dark areas.

Pebbles – Watercolor Painting Daily Blog

Watercolor Painting - Pebbles

More watercolor painting on the pebbles.  The pebbles I painted last night was a group in a different shade of blue.  It is kind of blue grey in color so a mixture of blue, red and green was used.  I need to find more time to do and try to finish this watercolor painting because I want to go on to another one.  This pebble watercolor seems to have taken so much of my time.

Watercolor Art Painting – Pebbles

Watercolor Painting Art - Pebbles 15 x 22 inches

A continuation of my pebbles watercolor painting art project.  More pebbles are painted using the same watercolor technique.   Besides doing that I have looked up some information on the color Alizarin Crimson since artist should know their color.

Alizarin Crimson

Alizarin is a pigment that replaced the natural pigment madder lake.  Crimson is a name used for bluish red colors in general and the colors are between red and rose.  Alizarin crimson is a fugitive pigment and genuine rose madder is believed to be more permanent.  Genuine rose madder is made by traditional means using the root of the madder plant.  Alizarin crimson is a perfect color for many artists because it makes great neutrals and blacks when mixed with green, violet and blue.  When Alizarin crimson is mixed with French ultramarine blue it produces a beautiful violet.  Transparency rating for alizarin crimson is a 4 which means high transparency and is non-toxic.  Now many artist supply or material manufacturer have Alizarin Crimson under their choice of colors including Windsor and Newton,  M. Graham, Grumbacher, Daniel Smith  and Da Vinci to name a few.