Daily Watercolor Painting Blog – Landscape

Landscape Watercolor - 10 x 20 inches

Continuing on last night with my 10 x 20 inches landscape painting on Strathmore Watercolor Paper.  More layers of watercolor is being put on as mention on the previous blog.  I was searching on the web on the subject of artist business cards trying to get some idea to do my own.  I have come across a number of sites which are quite interesting.  I found an article by R. Garriottt on his own blog on Basic Art marketing Tools: The art business card.  It talks about the basic art marketing tool and gave examples of some of the art business cards from his friends.  Another site is by David Airey on A Few memorable business cards.  He is a graphic designer and has a blog in which valuable design tips are given.  Another site is called Business Card Observer which shows unique business cards from the past and present.  It will give artists a good starting point and many ideas in designing his or her own business cards.  Would also appreciate if you can share your interesting art business card with me and I will try to publish it in my daily watercolor painting blog at a later date.  Email me at dailywatercolor@gmail.com