Daily Watercolor Painting Blog – Landscape

Landscape Watercolor Painting - 10 x 20 inches

This is  a 10 x 20 inches watercolor painting on Strathmore 140 lb watercolor paper.  Strathmore paper is made in the US by Strathmore Artist Paper in MN and they have an artist enewsletter you can sign up under the Artist Newsletter column in their web site………..  www.strathmoreartist.com

Last night I have made a sketch plan on the larger 10 x 20 inches watercolor paper and started the watercolor painting by splattering on the top sky section and two of the trees.   With a mixture of Winsor and Newton Ultramarine Blue and Alizarin Crimson, the sky was painted in layers of the different color mixture while other areas are protected.  Several layers of watercolor paint was splatter onto the paper while each layer is completely dry.