Daily Watercolor Painting – Loose Pear Study

Daily Watercolor - Loose Pear Study

Finished a 7 x 9 inches study of six pears in a group and wanted to try out the free and loose technique unique in watercolor painting.  Sketch was done of the six pears on a cold press watercolor paper and big brush was used to layer in the background and pear color.  It was done loosely and out of the sketch of the pears as you can see in the middle and lower part of the background.  Orange color shows mixed with the background although the out line of the pear was always keep in mind as the first initial wash was done.  Then after the first wash is dried to touch using a hair dryer, a second and third wash is applied and finally the pear take shape and the shadow and the stem was patinted quickly at various stages of dryness.  It was fun and I have to work quickly to be free and loose.  Next time I think I should have diluted the paint more with water and apply more layers until I get to the final stage.

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