Old Bicycle Watercolor Painting

Old Bicycle Watercolor Painting - 15 x20 inches

I have continue the painting of the old bicycle which I have started last week.   Over the weekend, I have painted the brick background which I found quite time consuming.  I started with a thin layer of wash on the light color walls and then apply the various dark areas when the first wash is still wet but loose it’s sheen.  Before it is completely dry, I sprinkle some salt on otp of areas I wanted texture.  After the watercolor painting is completely dry and all the salt has been brushed away, I painted the bricks with a dry brush.  Then I use a tooth brush to spatter more colors on certain background areas of this old bicycle watercolor.  Bigger drops are then spattered on other areas using a brush.   Areas that shows rust in the fenders of the bicycle also get some spatter from the tooth brush with a more intense black.  I think I will come back to this brick background on my watercolor painting after I look at it for a few days and after other areas are painted.  It will give me an idea of how it fits into the overall watercolor painting.  As usual, I value  your comments on my daily painting.

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