Orchid watercolor painting – my daily watercolor

Orchid watercolor painting - background wash still wet with mask

Done a background watercolor wash with the mask on the orchid.  It is a gradated wash and was done using a mixture of Yellow Ochre and Quinacridone Gold.  It was done in serveral washes when the other one is dry.  I want to try a simple watercolor wash background for this painting.  The key to the gradated wash was to mix more color than you will need for the wash, have a clean bucket of water and use a big flat brush.  Those three things are essential for doing a great watercolor wash.  It is good to use a wide big brush for the wash if your watercolor paper is larger than 15 x 22 inches.  Below is the result with the mask removed.

Orchid painting - Gradated wash and mask removed

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