Three pears – Watercolor painting final revision.

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3 Pears Watercolor final revision

3 Pears Watercolor

I have made a final revision on the 3 pears watercolor painting I did a while ago.  The before and after picture is shown above.  I have put on layers and layers of watercolor paint onto the painting while masking out the background or the pear.  As done in the many other watercolor painting before, I have been using the watercolor spattering technique for this painting as well.  This creates a effect I cannot get from watercolor painting using a brush and it is quite interesting with tiny little dots of paint similar to air brush.  I found that I need to be not afraid of failure in making adjustment to my finished paintings.  I need to treat it as a learning exercise in watercolor painting and even though if might turn out worse than before and yet I need to do it with faith and try to learn something in the process.

I have also uploaded two pictures of me in the Artist Statement page of this web site.  One is taken in my studio in front of my table.   It  is my quite place for doing my watercolor.  Another photo is taken with me standing beside my pebble painting.