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Plant photo for watercolor

A sketch on grid 15 x 22 inches paper was the first step for this watercolor painting.  This is a close up I took during a recent visit in the Singapore Botanical Garden whre rare species and orchids bred are cultivated around the world.  I like the light and shade it presents in the photo and decided to do a watercolor painting of it in hslf sheet of cold press watercolor paper.  Photoshop was used to correct the color and cropped to the final size, a print was first made.  Then a full size sketch was made on paper.  The sketch is then transferred to the half sheet watercolor paper using carbon paper between the sketch and the watercolor paper.  Next, I would like complete  a value study on the sketch I made to indicate the value of the final painting.  I would be done in three values and in pencil just to give me an idea of where the values fall into.

Plant drawing on paper

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