Watercolor Painiting – Flower arrangement

Watercolor Painting - Flower Arrangement 7.5 x 1o inches

Watercolor Painting - Flower Arrangement 7.5 x 1o inches

Last night I started a watercolor painting and the subject is a flower arrangement.  I painted from the pictures I took last Sunday at Church.  It is s nice arrangement in a brown beige earth tone pot.   I saw sunlight hitting a few of the pews and took the arrangement and sit it on the edge of one of the pew with the light shinning on it.  It was quite nice as the light hit part of the pot as the background receive no illumination at all.  I took many shots turning the arrangement around for future reference for  watercolor painting.  The one watercolor I did last night was drawn on a 7.5 x 10 inches Arches cold press water color paper.  I started on the top left hand corner painting the green stems and work my way through to the bottom right hand flower bud.  It was a good watercolor exercise involving wet into wet wash as well as gradated wash.  Although there is still lots to be done on this flower arrangement watercolor painting but I am quite happy with the progress and I cannot wait to put on the dark wash for the background so that the flowers and buds will stand out from the white paper as they are suppose to.

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