Watercolor Painting – Flower Arrangement

7.5 x 10 inches Watercolor painting - Flower

7.5 x 10 inches Watercolor painting - Flower

I have finished this 7.5 x 10 inches watercolor painting this weekend.  The dark background is quite a challenge and I found that painting background is just as time consuming as doing the subject.  I have used gradated wash on most of the background with layers of watercolor to get it to the desire color and effect.  I need to practice more on the flat wash which I have use mostly on the background of this watercolor study.  Gradated wash is also used and it the the intensity of the dark color that I have problem with.  The mixing of various colors to get the right dark grey or black watercolor is so important.  Also I found the watercolor texture I try to do for the background is very challenging to me as well.  I should practice more on the basic of doing texture in watercolor painting.

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