Watercolor Painting Daily – Landscape

Landscape watercolor painting 7 x 22 inches

I have started a landscape watercolor painting last night.  It is a very odd size measuring 7 x 22 inches.  I have decided to try this landscape watercolor painted using the splatter method and in high key.  I started with a pencil drawing outline of the picture on cold press watercolor paper and tape the watercolor paper onto a board with painters green tape which can be easily removed after.  Then I mask sections of the drawing and cut out the areas I want to do.  I splatter watercolor paint onto the areas in layers and leave each layter to dry before I proceed with another layer.  The color I use is straightly from the tube only diluted with clean water.  I let this pure watercolor from the tube dries before I put on another layer so there is many layers one on top of each other before the section is finished.  Once the finaly layer is completely dry, I cover back this area and go on to the next.

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