Daily Watercolor – Ink Resist Art – Dance Passion 1

Daily Watercolor - Ink Resist - Dance Passion 1

Ink resist art involves the use of watercolor, gouache, tempera or acrylic paints.  I have stared a new watercolor using ink resist technique.  I choose the subject dance passion and the ink reisist painting is representative so I think it might fit into the technique of ink resist.  First I choose a 140 lb cold press watercolor paper becuase of it’s durability to scrubbing and washing.  A heavier 300 lb watercolor paper can also be used.  The outline is done with a pencil and then tempera ink is to be painted on the watercolor paper except on the lines that you want to leave black.  I use green tempera paint because that is the only color I have.  I think the best color would be white tempera becuase it will not leave a faint color background after the ink has been washed away.  I will use this method of leaving the lines blank for the lower part of the painting and use a different method for the upper part.  I will tell you about this other method in my next post.  It involves using drawing gum or liquid frisquet.

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