Daily Watercolor – Ink Resist Technique – Dance Passion 1

Ink resist art technique involves permanent ink, watercolor, tempera, gouache or acrylic………………I use liquid frisket for other lines instead of painting around it.  It proved to be an easier and faster method.  So I painted all the lines with frisket and after it is dry, I painted the tempera on the whole painting.  After the tempera is dry, all the frisket is removed showing the paper between the tempera.  Permanent black liquid ink is then painted on the entire painting with a foam brush.  This is the basic techique of Ink Resist art.

Ink resist watercolor - painting before water wash

For illustration of the ink resist art technique, the above shows the tempera paint all covered by the black ink.  The lines where the frisket were was also black but the ink is permanently on to the paper and will be showing after the washing step.   The liquid fisket I use was Pebeo drawing gum.  The black ink is a speedball superball black india ink.  I remove the green tape around the painting and free it from the backing board.  The ink resist painting was left to dry and the next stage is to wash away all the black ink as well as most of the tempera paint.

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