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Ballroom dancing watercolor painting – Ink resist technique

Ballroom watercolor painting - Ink resist technique

Ballroom watercolor painting - Ink resist technique

This is the final Ballroom dance watercolor painting.  It uses the ink resist painting techinque and watercolor is used throughout the final painting.  It is a 15 x 22 inches watercolor painting on cold press watercolor paper.  On this final painting I have added much shading on to the watercolor painting.  More layers of watercolor wash  is being added on various areas so that the dancer is more focused and stand out a bit more.

Daily Watercolor Painting by Peter Lau – Ink resist technique – Ballroom dance watercolor

Peter Lau Ink resist painting - Ballroom dance watercolor

Peter Lau Ink resist painting - Ballroom dance watercolor

In my last post I have found that all the watercolor paint I use directly from the tube makes the ballroom painting too bright in color.  Sort of like a poster paint.  I have since try to put clean water on certain areas trying to lift some of the watercolor paint off the paper.  I have succeed in some areas where those watercolors are not staining.  After much lifting of the watercolor off the cold press watercolor paper, it is still not enough.  Next, I immurse the whole sheet of finished watercolor paper into a water bath just like I did before for the ink resist.  I use a large brush to brush some of the paint off from the paper under water.  I then dry it overnight and that created the result show above.  I will finish it with more layers of watercolor tomorrow to give it more a three dimension look especially on the background.

Watercolor ink resist painting – Ballroom dance

Ink resist watercolor painting - Ballroom dance passion painting

Ink resist watercolor painting - Ballroom dance passion painting

I have completed the ink resist watercolor painting by painting in all the areas surround by the ink outline with watercolor paint.  I use watercolor paint right out of the tube.  Continue reading

Ballroom Dance Watercolor Ink Resist Painting – Ink Resist Technique

Ballroom Dance Painting - Watercolor Ink Resist Technique

Ballroom Dance Painting - Watercolor Ink Resist Technique

After the Tempera paint is being washed away together with the permanent black ink, watercolor is applied on the cold press watercolor paper after it is completely dried.  I use watercolor paint straight from the tube and fill in the areas between the black lines.  It was fun filling in and doing this stage of ink resist watercolor.  Gouache or acrylic paint can also be used at the same time.

Ballroom Dance Painting - Watercolor Ink Resist Technique

Watercolor Ballroom Dance Painting - Ink resist technique

Ink Resist watercolor technique – Dance passion art painting

Ink resist watercolor technique - Dance Passion

The above photo shows the washing process for the ink resist technique on the ballroom dance painting.  All the permanent ink except for the black lines etched into the paper is being washed away together with the tempera paint underneath.  It will take several wash with changes of warm water to wash away all the tempera paint off the 150 lb cold press watercolor paper.  The watercolor paper was then leave it in the water to soak for about 10 minutes and rinse again with a final rinse.  After that the paper is clipped on a board or hand it up to dry.  After it is completely dry, watercolor paint will be aplied on in layers to achieve the desire effect on the ballroom dance painting.   I shall try and use the colors right out of the watercolor paint tube to get a different look.

Ink Resist watercolor techinque - Ballroom dance passiion

The above photo shows the ink resist ballroom dance watercolor painting after the wash and is bing clip on a board to dry before watercolro paint is being applied.

Watercolor Ink Resist Painting Technique – Ballroom Passion watercolor art

Watercolor Ink resist - Ballroom Passion art painting

This Ink Resist painting is at stage 3 where tempera paint is being put on the whole painting following the lines were painted over using Pebo drawing gum or other masking fluid as shown in the above photo.  White tempera paint is what I use for this stage of ink resist and after the whole painting service is dry, the masking fluid is to be taken off to show the white of the paper underneath.  The result to obtain is a painting covered with whte tempera except for the lines where the masking fluid once was.

Ink resist painting - before washing stage

The next stage will be using the permanent india ink to fill and paint the whole piece of painting.  At this stage, the lines leave by the removed masking fluid will receive the permanent ink while the rest of the area will not because the ink will sit on top of the dried white tempera paint.  the next satage after the painting is dry, is to wash away the tempera together with the black permanent ink on top of it leaving the black lines.

Peter Lau Daily Watercolor Painting – Ballroom Passion #2 – Ink resist technique

Ink resist watercolor painting - Ballroom Passion #2 - Step 1 Sketching

This is another ink resist watercolor painting on the theme of ballroom dancing.  The photo above shows the sketch of the painting on 150 lb Arches watercolor paper.  Next step will be using a liquid resist to paint the lines  and areas that eventually will receive the black permanent ink.

Ink resist watercolor painting - Step 2 Paint lines with frisket.

The above photo shows step #2 which is outlining all the lines with frisket or other masking fluid.  These outlines will later turn into black lines when the permanent black ink is applied.  I use Pebeo drawing gum as my masking fluid.  After all the lines and areas that are covered with masking fluid are dried we can go on to the next step which is to paint the whole painting with white Tempera or any color tempera paint you desire.  Tempera is a water base paint which can easily wash off from the watercolor paper later.

Daily watercolor – Ballroom Dance Watercolor Painting – Ink Resist Technique

Ballroom dance watercolor painting - Ink Resist Technique

Continue with the Ink Resist Technique on ballroom dance painting.  The painting is done on 150 lb watercolor paper.  After all the watercolor layers are dry, gouache is put on top of the watercolor for accent.  Little squres of gouache has been painted on top like a patteren effect and also along some of the ink resist lines.  This gives a much needed contrast and more interesting color effect for the finished painting.