Daily Watercolor – Ink Resist Technique – Dance Passion 1

Ink resist watercolor - Washing the Ink away using water bath

Ink resist art techinque involves the use of permanent black ink, tempera paint, watercolor paint, gouache paint or acrylic paint. After the permanent ink and all the ares are dry, the watercolor paper is put into a water bath to wash away the ink and tempera color.  The ink other than the ones on the lines can be removed because it has been painted on top of the tempera paint.

Watercolor ink resist - Washing away the ink with brush

I have my watercolor paper inside a stainless steel pan which I got from my darkroom.  You can use any plastic tray the size of the paper or even do it in a bath tub.  I use a large brush for washing away the ink.

Watercolor Ink Resist - Washing the ink away

After several change of water, most of the ink is washed away and permanent lines (where the frisket was) beginning to show.   The ares on the corners need more work and a few more change of water should do the trick.

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