Ink Resist watercolor technique – Dance passion art painting

Ink resist watercolor technique - Dance Passion

The above photo shows the washing process for the ink resist technique on the ballroom dance painting.  All the permanent ink except for the black lines etched into the paper is being washed away together with the tempera paint underneath.  It will take several wash with changes of warm water to wash away all the tempera paint off the 150 lb cold press watercolor paper.  The watercolor paper was then leave it in the water to soak for about 10 minutes and rinse again with a final rinse.  After that the paper is clipped on a board or hand it up to dry.  After it is completely dry, watercolor paint will be aplied on in layers to achieve the desire effect on the ballroom dance painting.   I shall try and use the colors right out of the watercolor paint tube to get a different look.

Ink Resist watercolor techinque - Ballroom dance passiion

The above photo shows the ink resist ballroom dance watercolor painting after the wash and is bing clip on a board to dry before watercolro paint is being applied.

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