Watercolor Ink Resist Painting Technique – Ballroom Passion watercolor art

Watercolor Ink resist - Ballroom Passion art painting

This Ink Resist painting is at stage 3 where tempera paint is being put on the whole painting following the lines were painted over using Pebo drawing gum or other masking fluid as shown in the above photo.  White tempera paint is what I use for this stage of ink resist and after the whole painting service is dry, the masking fluid is to be taken off to show the white of the paper underneath.  The result to obtain is a painting covered with whte tempera except for the lines where the masking fluid once was.

Ink resist painting - before washing stage

The next stage will be using the permanent india ink to fill and paint the whole piece of painting.  At this stage, the lines leave by the removed masking fluid will receive the permanent ink while the rest of the area will not because the ink will sit on top of the dried white tempera paint.  the next satage after the painting is dry, is to wash away the tempera together with the black permanent ink on top of it leaving the black lines.