Peter Lau Daily Watercolor Painting – Ballroom Passion #2 – Ink resist technique

Ink resist watercolor painting - Ballroom Passion #2 - Step 1 Sketching

This is another ink resist watercolor painting on the theme of ballroom dancing.  The photo above shows the sketch of the painting on 150 lb Arches watercolor paper.  Next step will be using a liquid resist to paint the lines  and areas that eventually will receive the black permanent ink.

Ink resist watercolor painting - Step 2 Paint lines with frisket.

The above photo shows step #2 which is outlining all the lines with frisket or other masking fluid.  These outlines will later turn into black lines when the permanent black ink is applied.  I use Pebeo drawing gum as my masking fluid.  After all the lines and areas that are covered with masking fluid are dried we can go on to the next step which is to paint the whole painting with white Tempera or any color tempera paint you desire.  Tempera is a water base paint which can easily wash off from the watercolor paper later.

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