Watercolor Painting – Two red chili peppers

Watercolor painting - two red chili peppers

Watercolor painting - two red chili peppers

My daily watercolor painting is  a 5 x 7 inches painting of two red chili peppers on cold press watercolor paper.  This time I try painting a flat blue wash as the watercolor background before I painted the peppers.  I like it better than just a white background as I have with most of my previous chii pepper studies.  It seems to have soften the background and is not as harsh.  I shall try some other color as my background later on.  After the background color is completely dried, I painted the two red peppers and later on the shadows.  It was lots of fun.  After I have finished, I found a pencil outline for the shadow of the red pepper which I have missed.  This is the shadow where the top chili cast onto the backgound and the pepper below.  I seems ok without the shadow but I will put that in tomorrow just to see how it looks.

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    Hi Peter………..I am so enjoying your paintings and your explanations as well…..in the last few years I have been buying watercolour supplies wishing to start but somehow never get there……maybe you will inspire me……keep up the good work….I am loving it!……….Donna

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