Chili Pepper Watercolor Painting – Still Life

Pepper 12 web

Chili Pepper Watercolor Painting using flat wash

My daily painting in watercolor is another red Chili Pepper.  If is purposely painted with watercolor in a different way and style mainly using flat wash.  It is drawn on a 5 x 7 inches 140 Arches Cold Press Watercolor paper.  I did this Chili Pepper Watercolor painting in layers of wash.  It is first started with the lightest one of the whole Pepper leaving out the very bright highlights.  Then when it is completely dry, I put on another layer taking in consideration of the tones and shapes of the subject.  Then layer upon layer of flat wash after every layer is completely dry creates the effect of color and gives its shape.  Simple outline on some of the lighter shapes is done last.  The stem of the pepper is done the same way.  I must say I have the most fun in doing the shadows.  It is the same application of flat wash one on top of another for this special watercolor painting effect.

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